Our Board

The Camp Horizon Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. It is wholly owned by the Lions Clubs of District 19H which includes 57 clubs in SW British Columbia and NW Washington. Its activities are governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from across the District. The Foundation’s Officers are elected by the Board. All Board members and Officers are volunteers.

The current Officers include:

President – Don Webster president@lionscamphorizon.org

VP Camp Operations and Program – Sharron Sherfick vpcamp@lionscamphorizon.org

VP Facilities and Rentals – TBN vpfacilities@lionscamphorizon.org

VP Canadian Clubs Coordination – Shawna Gibbs vpcanada@lionscamphorizon.org

VP USA Clubs Coordination – Bob Allen vpusa@lionscamphorizon.org

Secretary – Pat Brown secretary@lionscamphorizon.org

Treasurer – TBN treasurer@lionscamphorizon.org

The annual camp sessions fall under the guidance of the 1st VP. The Camp Director is directly responsible for camper applications, staffing and camp activity programming and may be reached by email at campdirector@lionscamphorizon.org or by phone at 360-371-0531.

Facility rentals fall under the guidance of the 2nd VP. Rental information is available online under the Facility Rentals tab or by contacting the Rental Coordinator at VPfacilities@lionscamphorizon.org.