Endowment Fund Recognition

We appreciate your donations to the Camp Horizon Endowment Fund! Start the donation process by completing the donation form so we can recognize you and allocate your contribution correctly. You may submit the form electronically, or by printing and mailing it. If you would like to contribute through PayPal, please complete the donation form and select the PayPal button above. This will take you to a secure PayPal site for you to complete the contribution.

If you need help completing and submitting the form, please see our instructions at Form Instructions.

Thank you for your support.

Donor Recognition

We would like to recognize the persons and organizations that have supported the Lions Camp Horizon Endowment Fund Program. The donation categories are based on cumulative donations.

Camper (up to $100)

Patricia Allen
Kathy Berg
Bill Cheaqui
Dave Coppin
Lynda Davidson
Dave Coppin (by Ft. Langley Lions Club)
Karen Fletcher
Joe Hillers
Lynden Lions Club
Dan Marty
Jan Polen
Dur Roberson
Rosemary Small
Mel Stokes (by Port Coquitlam Lions Club)
Ray Tremblay

Assistant Counselor ($101 – 500)

Paul Whelan
Chris White

Counselor ($501 – 1,000)

Gordon and Barbara Sund

Lead Counselor ($1,001 – $5,000)

Coupeville Lions Club (matched donations by Ed and Sue Hartin, Ron Wilkinson, Jim and Marsha Phay, David Fish, Warren Ivy, Bill and Patricia Roberts, Don Richardson, John and Terri Purcell, Bob Johnson and Nancy Baggott, Dave and Penny Barville, Dennis Bullock, John Roomes)

Orcas Island Lions Foundation
Don and Maria Webster

Camp Director ($5,001 – 10,000)


Presidential (Over $10,000)

Patricia Kust

Thank you each and every one for your support.