Who We Are

We are much more than a summer camp. We’re a safe haven where teens and adults with disabilities can unwind, socialize and step outside their comfort zones by challenging themselves with new experiences. We create wonderful memories and build friendships that last a lifetime. By focusing on the “CAN” instead of the “CAN NOT” we build confidence and self-esteem. Abilities, not disabilities, guide us with FUN being the priority.

Our Mission

We provide recreational activities that encourage independence, build new skills, develop lifelong friendships and create lasting memories of camp.

Our Vision

To empower people challenged by disabilities through experiences that help develop life skills, foster independence and build self-esteem.

Core Values

Respect for the diversity we represent

Inclusive opportunities that welcome individuals of all abilities

Support and cooperation as we work together overcoming challenges

Empower and inspire others to grow and succeed


Recognizing that there was a need for recreational activities for adults with developmental and physical disabilities, Camp Horizon was started by the Lynden Jaycees in 1974, That first year there were 17 campers attending the session at the Lynden Fairgrounds. By 1981 the program had grown beyond the Jaycee’s capability to operate and the Lynden Lions Club assumed the leadership, hosting 85 campers that year. Lions Camp Horizon continued to grow and by 1985, we had moved to the former Blaine Airforce Station, now Whatcom County’s, Bay Horizon Park, hosting 130 campers that season.

In 1986, the Camp Horizon Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, owned by Lions Clubs of District 19H (NW Washington and SW British Columbia), was formed to operate and maintain Lions Camp Horizon and Bay Horizon Park, our home. Over time we grew to having four Base Camps and later added two smaller Adventure Camp sessions. Currently we can accommodate 260 campers spread over our six camp sessions each summer.

Over our 45year history, tens of thousands of hours have been donated by Lions Club members, their friends, families, community supporters, etc. to improve and maintain our campus and grounds. Additionally, thousands of hours have been donated for food service, program and temporary positions to help reduce the cost of operating our summer camp sessions. In 2019, we hosted a nine member Americorps Team for eight weeks during which they undertook a wide variety of building, sidewalk and grounds maintenance activities.

Our Team

Lions Camp Horizon is owned and operated by the Camp Horizon Foundation a 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation has a Board of Directors comprised of District 19H Lions and other community members who share our passion to provide services to individuals with disabilities. All Directors are unpaid volunteers.
Interested in serving on our board? Let’s talk. Email our board president to start a conversation.

Board of Directors

*Bob Allen, USA Outreach Coordinator
Ken Ball
*Wendy Canessa, Secretary
Orson Christensen
*Lynda Davidson, Canadian Outreach Coordinator
*John Edmunds
*Karen Fletcher, Treasurer
*Dick Graham, Facilities Coordinator
Joel Haggen
Paul Hand
*Sharron Sherfick, Vice President
*Melisa VanderStelt
*Don Webster, President
Steven Wong

*indicates a member of the Executive Committee

Key Staff


Tana Reneau

Camp Director

Tana comes to us with a background in teaching and educational administration. She taught for 12 years (K-5th) before getting her Principal credentials. This is where her love for children with disabilities began. After her son was born severely premature, life as a parent of a child with disabilities has forever shaped her heart and grew her passion for cultivating inclusion and belonging for this population. As a result, Tana started a business, The Better Buttermint Company, that employs individuals with disabilities. Motivated to be a strong advocate for students with disabilities, Tana is completing her doctorate in Special Education. Tana has years of camp leadership experience in her former position with Young Life. Tana sees this new adventure with Lions Camp Horizon as the perfect place to put all her knowledge, experience, and passion to greatly benefit our campers.

Tana and her husband, John, are Blaine residents. They are parents to 7 children, two biological sons and five children adopted from foster care. Together, as a family, the Reneaus love to camp, hike, ski & snowboard, and enjoy the local outdoors. Tana is a trapshooter, a golfer, and a quilter when life provides space!

Tana comes to Lions Camp Horizon with a great deal of experience, overshadowed only by her bountiful enthusiasm. She is an awesome addition to our Leadership Team. You can reach Tana at CampDirector@lionscamphorizon.org


Assistant Camp Director

“I’ve worked at Lion Camp Horizon for three years going on four and it has been the best experience of my life.I have found my passion in life and have made many memories with new friends every year. I’m forever grateful to be staffed at this wonderful summer camp.”


Night Supervisor

“My name is “Eeyore”, and I’ve been working at camp for the last four years. I started at the beginning of my college career as a counselor and was a lead counselor for the last two years. I recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Humans Services. I’m beyond excited to take on the role of Assistant Camp Director. I’ve had an amazing experience at camp and want to ensure that campers and counselors continue to experience that camp magic.”


Lead Counselor

“I’ve worked at Camp Horizon since I was 13 years old. Now being 18, I can say I would not be the person I am today if I never worked here. It has taught me patience, how to be outgoing, and given me lifetime friendships. It is safe to say camp is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me!”


Lead Counselor

“I’ve worked at Lions Camp Horizon for 2 years and I’m excited to be back for the 2020 season. I’m a recent Western graduate and I love football and hockey. Camp means the world to me.”


Lead Counselor

“I have been working at Lions Camp Horizon for three years. Camp has truly changed my life for the better. It is a wonderful environment with great people. I have made so many wonderful memories here and hope to continue making them.”



“Hi, I’m Bell and I worked at Lions Camp Horizon in 2019. What I like to do in my spare time is hanging out with my friends. But out of all the time I spent at camp my favorite part is to see the happy and sad smiles of campers leaving and remembering how much fun we had together.”



“I have worked at camp for two years now. Camp is a place where I feel like I do something good and build lifelong friendships with people. Camp is a place where I get to be away from home, have an amazing time and I get to let go and just enjoy myself with other people. Away from camp I play baseball and I wrestle. I enjoy interacting with other people and getting to know them.”



“I like to lend a helping hand when I can. I like to just have fun! My experience with camp so far has been amazing, I have learned so much from working here less than a year! Everyone at camp is so friendly and nice, helpful, caring, and supportive. My favorite activity at camp is the talent show we put on because it’s fun to get silly!”



“Hello, my name is PomPom! I am a camp counselor and I really love working at Lions Camp Horizon during the summer. I really like the environment that camp creates,and I am always surrounded by amazing positive people. At camp you get to experience so many new things and it’s so fun to meet all of the new counselors and campers.”



“Heyya! My name’s Chibi and I’m super excited to be returning to camp for my third summer. I love every second I spend at LCH. It’s such a warm and cheerful environment full of amazing people. Can’t wait for the season to start and I hope to see you there!”


Food Service Director

Cookie started at Lions Camp Horizon in 2018 in the kitchen and loves feeding everyone. She is the mother to a 27-year-old son and 19-year-old boy/girl twins. She has been married for 21 years and they have 2 beautiful golden retrievers, Penny and Blue. She enjoys camping with her family and friends, making quilts, sunshine, and baking.


Resident Caretaker and Rental Coordinator

“My name is Blayne aka ‘Bumper’. My 4-legged buddy is Clyde. I served in the Coast Guard and have been around the world, but this is by far the most rewarding job I have ever done. I consider myself lucky to be part of such an amazing program. Beyond all the camp season tasks, Clyde and I are year-round campers at LCH, maintaining the facilities, grounds and providing support for our rental clients.”

I have worked at Lions Camp Horizon for 3 years. This camp has helped strengthen me and has brought me joy in life.. Camp Horizon has filled me with the warmest memories and has left me with the most wonderful connection with both campers and staff. I love Lions Camp Horizon and all that it does for the special needs community.
Ernie, Lead Counselor
Deciding to apply to Lions Camp Horizon was one of my best decisions I have ever made with great friends and amazing people to hang out with. Seeing the campers so happy is truly special. I really wish everyone could experience Lions Camp Horizon.
Lilac, Lead Counselor
Camp Horizon has improved my life significantly. I’ve gained incredible experience that no other place will provide and I am grateful for the people I’ve met along my journey with Camp Horizon. I will have lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories that will forever bring me joy.
Jersey, past counselor
Being part of Camp Horizon has changed my life completely. I am so thankful to be part of something so inspiring and positively life changing. Both the staff and campers make this place one of the most unique and fun environments I have ever experienced. My favorite summer memories were made at Camp Horizon and I will hold them close forever.
Nilla, past counselor